Kel-Tec KSG Home Defense / Tactical Shotgun Review


The KSG renders other home defense/tactical shotguns obsolete, with major advantages over all others currently available in the U.S.

Shotguns are the most devastating close quarters combat (CQB) weapon known to man, and the KSG makes that power more maneuverable. With the action positioned behind the trigger group, the KSG is just 26.1 inches long, making it easier to negotiate tight spaces like hallways, stairs and corners.

The KSG also carries up to 15 rounds and it’s hard to imagine a self-defense solution that could require more. To load, simply turn the gun over, insert seven rounds in one tube, switch the tube selector and load seven in the second tube. For a 15th round, rack the slide before you start loading the tubes.

Here’s a bonus – with two magazines, you can have two different types of rounds at your disposal. Slugs in one tube, shot in the other, allowing you to switch from close-in to long distance with a flick of a selector.

On the negative side, some people may have problems cycling through both magazines until they get used to the KSG. After firing the round from the chamber and then all the rounds from one magazine, you have to reach back with your strong hand or reach over with your support hand to switch the tube selector, then rack again before firing.

There is also a problem with some people short-stroking (i.e. jamming) the KSG when they don’t place their support hand at the very end of the forward grip (unlike the pic above). Kel-Tec is molding a plastic “stopper” to idiot-proof against this.

Kel-Tec doesn’t have the best reputation for reliability and at $880 it’s a little pricey, but all things considered, the KSG rewrites the rule book for home defense shotguns. The advantages of a 26.1″ 15-round shotgun are as obvious as they are profound.

RATINGS (out of five stars)

Style * *

Ergonomics (Carry) * * * * *

Ergonomics (Shooting) * * * * *

Reliability * * *

Customization * * * * *

Overall Rating * * * *

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