Question: Who can I call for Help?

Our support phone number is (866) 773-9970

Question: What Happens After You Win an Auction?

After you have won an auction, we send you an email at the end of the auction that contains the seller's user name and email address along with your winning bid amount. If you think you won an auction and did not get your notification, you may have changed email addresses without telling us or we may be unable to send you your notification due to technical problems with your ISP.

From the time the auction closes you have a maximum of seven (7) days to contact the seller at the email address located in the notification we sent you. The seller must contact you as well within the same seven days. If you do not receive a response from the seller within the seven days, please contact our customer service department.

The seller will send you instructions on making payment and will request your address or your FFL’S address for shipping. Typically you will be required to prepay using a money order, although some sellers will take credit cards, personal checks, COD, etc. Make sure that you follow the seller's payment instructions very carefully. We suggest that if possible you use a US Post Office money order and send payment by US Mail. This way, the US Post Office will be able to help you in case of problems with the seller.

When sending payment, always include your name, address, phone number, the number of the auction you won, the name of our site (GunzMart.com), and your email address or fax number.

If your item is a firearm, you will need to get a copy of your transfer dealer's FFL license, signed by the dealer and enclose that with payment. You may need to send proof of age for other purchases, again please follow the seller's instructions carefully.

Question: What About Fraud?

At GunzMart.Com our Best Asset against Fraudulent Activity is our Customers

Please report any “suspicious” listings or transactions to, fraud@gunzmart.com

Before you bid on any auction listing, please consider the following:

Study the Feedback on the Seller

What type of Feedback from our customers does the seller have or is the seller a Certified Seller?

A Certified Seller is a person that our support team at GunzMart.Com has verified to be legitimate person to list item(s) on our site.

If the Seller is not a “Certified Seller” please consider, if the seller has a number of positive feedbacks they should be considered a legitimate person you are dealing with. However be sure to check any negative feedback and if you have any doubt, please email us before placing a bid at

or during business hours call our Customer Service Department and we will assist you.

How is the Item described?

Make sure the item has an actual description, does the pictures match the description? Does the seller describe in detail the condition of the item? If you have any doubt, please contact the seller by email or give them a call, if they are prompt in responding ask plenty of questions.

How long is the item up for Auction?

Most people wanting to commit Fraud usually list items for a short period of time, often 1 - 3 days. A short time frame reduces their chance for exposure, and may warrant more scrutiny before bidding.

Is the price too good to be true?

Most of the time the answer is yes. If the seller is planning to commit fraud, they do not care if they get full price because they are not really selling anything anyway. Low prices does not always mean fraud, but drastically low prices warrant a closer look into the seller. Again ask the seller plenty of questions about the item, the more technical and detailed the better before you place a bid.

Will the Seller answer questions in a Timely, Courteous, and Intelligent manner?

Asking specific questions about the item is one of the best ways to screen the bad sellers from the good sellers. If the item is a gun, ask the seller for the serial number, this is one of the best ways to verify the weapon is for real. Again, ask the seller specific questions about the item, make sure you are comfortable that they know what they are selling.

GunzMart.Com is a Safe marketplace on the internet, Please help us keep it safe by keeping your eyes open for those people wishing to take advantage. Please alert us to anything suspicious or any attempts at stealing your money.